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Basic - Idle 1 game at once. Price: $0.20 for a week .

Bronze - Idle 3 games at once. Price: $1 monthly

Silver - Idle 7 games at once. Price: $2 monthly

Gold - Idle 10 games at once. Price: $4 monthly

Platinum - Idle 20 games at once. Price: $5 monthly

Premium - Idle 32 games at once. Price: $6 monthly

Hide your activity - You can buy activity hide service with or without buying any hour boosting plan. How it looks? Price: $1 without hour boosting, $0.5 with hour boosting

You can buy all plans with: Paypal, Bitcoin, CS:GO Skins/Keys/TF2 Keys/Skrill or international bank transfer to Poland (may be delayed up to 3 days until I receive money).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use Steam’s Mobile Authenticator?

A: Yes, but it is not fully supported. There is a ton of bugs with it, eg. you can’t play until you stop idling and you can get kicked out of your session. Steam’s Email guard option is fully implemented and supported.

Q: Can the bot idle offline?

A: Yes! You can hide that you are in idle state from friends, wife, sister, fans or anyone!

Q: Can I get VAC banned by using this service?

A: No! Our service use does not modify anything in your Steam Client. Receiving VAC ban by using this service is impossible.